About Us

You require personal service in the field of travel and events. Of course you have demands regarding top-service and reliability. That is why you deserve us. You appreciate our professional knowledge, creativity and originality. That feeling, understanding human nature, matching your wishes and our experience. That is why you deserve us.

Annemieke Bary Fischer

Jan Vos

Mirella van loon van den ban

In 2008 Jan Vos, Mirella van Loon and Annemieke Bary started Vos Van Loon & Partners and are also the owners. We are travel and event professionals with over 25 years of experience. We still look at the world with curiosity and pleasure, loving far horizons, but sufficiently matter of fact to realize that a beautiful sunset is not the same as a successful trip. Planning, organizing, selecting and checking; whatever part of your trip or event you wish we gladly will arrange it for you. We promise a personal approach and think in terms of service, not time zones.