Jan Vos

Our Earth is round, our trip therefore not finite. My study Spanish has brought me further than I hoped. During my college years I accompanied groups in countries where this language is spoken. It is valuable to a country where you're traveling the language to master, extra dimensions reveal themselves.

After years on the road come home feeling appears and the valuation of your "home country". From 1999 I organize travel for other people. Now 4 years as a partner of Vos Van Loon & Partners, to my great satisfaction and very successful. Our work is as a journey itself, always there will be new challenges and discoveries. The world is our stage and the knowledge to share with customers is a privilege; the personal contact is one of the most important aspects. To every piece of a trip we deliver our contribution. I also accompany groups on request. It is particularly to be there when customers enjoy their trip. Favorite destinations are the cities of Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Seville. I appreciate the hospitality of Morocco and the overwhelming nature of Argentina and Brazil.