Mirella van Loon van den Ban

As the daughter of a KLM-employee, I have been travelling all my life. Other cultures and countries have captivated me from an early age. Travel is a fantastic experience, which never bores. Meeting strange people and habits enriches yourself and my outlook on the world is thereby affected.

I found myself very happy that I have been able to make my passion my profession. Putting together an unique and unforgettable trips remains a challenge. Many factors play a role to make every trip a success. My favorite destinations: Africa by the surprising, beautiful landscapes and grandiose nature, where you yourself can shut down from the world. Viet Nam, Indonesia, China and India are fascinating countries with a high quality and intriguing culture. On the islands of the Indian Ocean you can indulge and immerse yourself in the opulence of the most exclusive resorts. I can also enjoy the hustle and madness of world cities like New York, Hong Kong, Cape Town or Rome. But also at the Mediterranean, on the quay of a picturesque harbor, at a table, enjoying a salad with a delicious glass of wine, makes my day.